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At Volvic, we’re proud to be carbon neutral

At Volvic, we’re proud to be carbon neutral. It’s just one way we’re doing our bit to fight climate change and protect the planet.

Our unique natural mineral water comes from a volcanic ecosystem that we’ve been helping to preserve for over a decade. But we want to do more than that. From the water’s source to the bottles you sip it from, we’re committed to reducing our impact on the planet every step of the way.

That’s why from April 2020, we’ve been recognised as fully carbon neutral, worldwide. We’ve been certified by an independent organisation called the Carbon Trust, which specialises in carbon neutrality and helps companies like ours to reduce their CO2 emissions. Carbon Trust audits are based on an internationally recognised standard for demonstrating carbon neutrality known as PAS 2060, so we can be sure we measure up to global high standards.

Volvic Carbon Neutrality, our world is changing and so are we.

Reducing our own carbon footprint

We calculated our carbon emissions at every stage of our products’ journey and identified three areas where we could make most impact on our carbon footprint. Here’s what we’re doing in each of them.

Using less, recycling more We’ve made our bottles lighter so that they use less packaging material, with our iconic 1.5L bottle using 30% less today than it did 20 years ago. We’ve also been working to use more recycled materials. Making bottles from 100% recycled PET allows us to save more than 50% carbon emissions versus a virgin plastic bottle. In Germany and Switzerland our bottles are already made with 100% recycled PET, and by 2025 that will be the case across Europe.

Sustainable transport We have been working with our supply chain to look into lower carbon transport alternative and distance efficiency. In fact, 40% of the transport in Europe is made by train, which has 10 times less impact than trucks in France. Volvic has reduced the maritime transport emissions by 40%*** since 2015 thanks to the efforts undertaken by our suppliers members of BSR’s Clean Cargo (which focuses on minimising carbon emissions) Initiative such as: fleet efficiency, slower steaming, and, improvements in data quality.

Energy use We’ve been working to use less energy, reducing our consumption by 20% since 2007. From 2020 onwards, we’re also switching to renewable energy in our mineral water bottling site. That’s all part of the commitments marked by our ISO 14001 certification, an international standard for effective environmental management that we’ve had since 2008.

Co-creating carbon positive solutions

Zero positive carbon projects Volvic is also investing in initiatives that protect and/or restore natural ecosystems which result in the reduction and absorption of carbon, thus offsetting any remaining emissions in order to achieve carbon neutrality. In partnership with South Pole, we support the continue protection and restoration of natural ecosystems in volcanic countries.

This means Volvic supports projects that continuously protect forests, watersheds, biodiversity and communities in more than 2000 km2*, which also acts to offset Volvic's remaining carbon emissions in order to achieve carbon neutrality.

*equal to 53 times of Volvic impluvium (38km2)

Thanks to this we are Carbon Neutral

we’re proud to be carbon neutral. It’s just one way we’re doing our bit to fight climate change and protect the planet.