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Volvic is reinforcing its contribution to protect the strength of nature

Volvic is a unique natural mineral water, sourced in a volcanic natural ecosystem which we have been preserving for more than 10 years.

Our strength depends on nature. Preserving nature’s strength depends on us. This is the balance.

We know that natural ecosystems, and the watersheds in them, are key for the planet. They are a source of strength. We also know that they are fragile and need to be protected.

Now is the time to secure the health of our planet, the health of each other. It is time to restore the balance.

Latitude: -6° 04' 27.00" S / Longitude: 12° 26' 59.99" E

Volvic announces its contribution to support the continued protection of 2 billion square meters of natural ecosystems.

Aiming to have a broader impact at our source and beyond, our mission is to preserve, protect and regenerate – our health, and the strength of our ecosystems.

We know that we need to challenge and improve ourselves. We are committed to transform the way we do business to offer in the most responsible way the volcanic natural mineral water and healthy beverages available.

This is why we have made the commitments to:

Provide healthy hydration with our volcanic natural mineral water and refreshment with our tasty beverages:

We protect our source and its ecosystem to ensure the purity, the quality and the fresh natural taste of our volcanic natural mineral water.

All our beverages range innovations are 100% with no preservatives, no artificial flavors and no artificial coloring agents. By 2025, all our ranges will be low in calories, with no additives and 100% made with natural ingredients.

No more new plastic in our bottles.

By 2025, we will move to 100% recycled materials.

Be carbon neutral

In 2020 we became carbon neutral committing to reduce our impact, switching to renewable energy and increasing the recycled materials in our bottles. In parallel, Volvic contributes to support the continued protection and restoration of natural ecosystems in volcanic countries, i.e. Uganda, Peru, Congo. This means Volvic supports projects that continuously protect forests, watersheds, biodiversity and communities in more than 2000 km2 (equal to 53 times of Volvic catchment area – 38 km²), which also acts to capture Volvic's remaining carbon emissions.

Expand access by 2030.

From now on, for every liter of Volvic, we will help to provide a liter of safe drinking water to communities in need. During 2019 this represents over 5 million people around the world in countries such as Cambodia,

India, Haiti, Mexico, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Senegal - equaling over 1.4 billion liters of safe water per year.

Be a force for good

We are becoming a B Corp™, joining a movement of companies that balance impact with profit, and contribute to a more ethical economy.

Latitude: -6° 04' 27.00" S / Longitude: 12° 26' 59.99" E Supporting projects in Uganda
Latitude: -3° 05' 21.00" S / Longitude: 18° 16' 29.99" EProjects in The Democratic Republic of Congo

We are helping to restore the balance. So that nature can continue to give us its strength.

Join us.