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At Volvic we are reducing our impact with rPET


Good hydration supports good health, but the wellbeing of the planet is just as important. It’s our responsibility to make sure we bottle and transport our water in the most responsible way, reducing our carbon footprint and making sure our packaging doesn’t end up damaging the natural world. 

That means thinking about what happens to our bottles after they’ve been used, and that’s why we’re rethinking our packaging to make it more sustainable. It’s part of our mission to minimise the impact of everything we do on the world around us.

We’re committed to ensuring all our plastic bottles in Europe will be made with 100% recycled materials by 2025.

The change is well underway already, with our full range in Germany and our on-the-go bottles in France now made from 100% rPET, otherwise known as recycled plastic. As well as being made from recycled materials, these bottles are also recyclable themselves. That means that after you’ve sipped a refreshing bottle of Volvic natural mineral water, it can be put in the recycling bin and made into new bottles for someone else to enjoy.

Our 100% rPET bottles are made entirely from old bottles, sourced almost exclusively from recycled materials here in the EU using local collection and recycling organisations. By reusing local materials in this way, we’re reducing our carbon footprint at the same time as working to make sure our bottles don’t end up in nature.

Good hydration supports good health, but the wellbeing of the planet is just as important.

You won’t notice the difference when you come to take a sip from one of the new rPET bottles, as recycled plastic meets the same quality and safety criteria as packaging created with virgin plastic. That means you’ll still enjoy the same pure taste of Volvic natural mineral water, safe in the knowledge that we’re doing our bit to eliminate waste.

Switching to 100% rPET Bottles is just one of the ways we’re fighting to protect nature so that it can continue to give us strength​. Act now with us and be part of the change.

Volvic is now using 100% recycled plastic