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Volvic refillable bottle supports access to safe drinking water in Nigeria

We believe that every child should have access to it and that together we can act. Today, 50% of the world’s school children do not have access to safe drinking water (a)

That’s why we have been committed for years to help provide water access to communities in need.

Today we introduce our first ever refillable bottle.

It's a bottle with a purpose, because 1 bottle = 1 year of safe drinking water for 1 child in school in Nigeria for healthier and safely hydrated kids.

An ideal bottle to sip Volvic Natural Mineral Water all day long to stay hydrated, in good shape (b), and to also act for a better future.

About the project

In Nigeria, only 9.2% of the population has access to safe drinking water (c) 

Contaminated water can transmit diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. These diseases harm children’s physical and cognitive development, and contributes to school absenteeism (d)  

Volvic has chosen to partner with Watering Minds, a safe water charity created in 2016 that has sponsored 655 schools and 89,506 students around the world (e). In Nigeria, Watering Minds partners with Impact Water to set up water purification units in schools located in slums and other underprivileged areas. These simple systems work using the flow of the water, with no power needed. Coupled with hygiene training in these schools, this helps to improve the health and therefore the education of children in the poorest parts of Nigeria. 

In 2019, Impact Water has provided 4.8 million students with safe drinking water in 11 000 schools (f). The project is the latest initiative in our long-term commitment to supporting water access and health. 

Why we made this
Refillable Bottles
8L Water Bottle – Buy 5x8L and get our Refillable bottle for free (Germany Only)

About the bottle

  • BPA-free and food-safe

  • Leak-proof, even with fizzy drinks 

  • Lightweight and fits in any bag 

  • Made in Switzerland - a hallmark of quality 

    This premium refillable bottle is our first beyond plastic product, made from aluminium by SIGG™ Switzerland. Sporting the iconic shape of the SIGG™ 60 CL Traveller bottle, it’s crafted with the quality and finesse you’d expect from a Swiss-made product.


(a) Source Watering Minds: www.wateringminds.org/why-safe-water  (b) European Food safety expert have validated that "Water (2L from all sources) contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions”  (c) Source National Survey Finding Report, Oct 2017, MICS (d) Source Impact study 1001 Fountains 2014  (e) Source Watering Minds  (f) Source Impact Water www.impactwater.co 

Water access plays a vital role in our purpose as a brand, and we’d love you to join us to make a difference where it’s needed most.